STP Visualization

Can anyone recommend a good tool for spanning tree visualization? I am needing to get a good visual depiction of forwarding for many vlans, across 4 core switches.
Two of them are CatOS, 2 are IOS, root is different for many of the vlans, lots of port costing in place, in other words it would take a while by hand.



I wrote a perl/libgd tool some time ago which acts as a cgi script and
takes live data and makes pretty pictures of it (per vlan).
Note due a bunch of stuff not being uniformly implemented in IOS via
SNMP I've had to screen scrape a little and I'm afraid this means I
don't have any CatOS support.

Let me know offlist if you are interested in the code.

Brian Feeny wrote:


Although that looks like a pretty cool visualization program, I does not have the ability to automatically grok STP info via snmp/ssh/telnet/cdp/etc. I am looking for a program to do the work of showing me
STP forwarding paths on a per vlan basis, it doesn't have to be pretty, just something that can do it.


I have something to do this as well, using perl to grab all the
details via SNMP, and then visualization using GraphViz.
You're welcome to use it to start with:

There's a sample PDF in the "examples/" sub-dir.


P.S. I know initially you request a "good tool", which is in the
eye of the beholder. This one will want a programmer's eye, I guess.