NANOG is the North American Network Operators Group, and the address is not only valid, but it acts as the mailing list
for the group. And this is not a ghost mailer of any kind . I'm sitting
in the computer room at teh NANOG 12 conference taking place until
tomorrow afternoon, so please be clueful enough to understand what's going
on here.

Now, with that in mind, let's get this straight...

1: isn't a bulk remailing service, it's a mailing list
made up of people who subscribe to it.

2: Someone from your domain had to apply to get on the mailing list as
it's not just something that happens by accident.

3: We're not using anyone's resources illegally (I am, and if you want off the list, I'm sure whoever
manages it will be more than happy to remove that address from it.

BTW, if you had read any of those 200+ messages youd see that not only do
we not like spam, we're actively looking for ways to stop it and keep it
off our own networks.

Good day,
Joe Shaw -
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services