STM-1 Connection between Cisco LS1010 an Marconi ASX-200BX


sorry for this little OffTopic.

We've got a brand new STM-1 Connection between 2 of our POPs. The
Problem is, we're not able to put it into service.

On Side A we've got a Cisco Lightstream 1010 ATM-Switch with a 155SM PAM
Modul. Side B is a Marconi ASX-200BX with a NM-4/155SMIRE Module.

The Link is up on both sides, but both switches aren't able to establish
the ATM Connection.

The path has been measured twice with the result that it seems that
there are no problems on the physical Layer.

On Side A we can see, that cells are beeing transmitted but no cells are
received while Side B is only receiving cells. If we configure a
loopback on Side B Side A is reveiving cells.

We've tested almost everything you can configure on both sides but the
connection can't be established.

As far as I know both Switches should configure themselfs automatically.

It would be nice if anybody can give us a hint what we might have
forgotten to configure.

Confusing is, that we've configured everything exactly the same as three
other STM-1 Connections between this Cisco LS and two other Marconi
ASX-200BX ATM Switches.

Thanks in advance.