Sticky Bogons

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> a little help ...
> The same issue from China. One of our member got a block /17 from 125/8,
> this block caused

The only thing likely to help is a baseball bat (although a cricket bat will
probably serve in a pinch, and you're from that part of the world).

Seriously. We've been having this *SAME* problem since we started allocating
from 68/8 or 69/8. If sites *still* haven't figured out yet how to get their
bogon filters maintained, they need to have Team Cymru's address tattooed onto
their skulls with a baseball bat.

No, you are incorrect. Networks need to use authoritative sources for
their information. Cymru is behind IANA, not in front. Cymru is a good
resource, but I don't hear them calling themselves authoritative.

I've never worked anywhere that I could blame a network problem on an
RBL et. al. .edu may be different, but I doubt it.