Status Report - Mail Bombing of by Sprint Client + FAQ

If nanog folk deem this off topic, i'll be glad to remove nanog from
future responses.

As much as some people are complaining about it, I think it's an
interesting and at least vaguely on-topic discussion. Like it or not,
email and usenet spam handling is now a serious operational matter
at internet providers at all levels and must be handled as with other
network problems.

What Barry is trying to do in posting it to these lists is to shame
Sprint into taking action, a time honored tradition, if not often
used on the Net.

If Sprint is in fact failing to live up to its published policies
regarding customers who are causing network abuse, then this is a
very serious issue. Once it becomes public, the abusers will flock
there and stay within the enforced rather than announced rules.

-george william herbert