Status of IPv6 on Charter Communications

Would someone at Charter Communications who is on this list indicate the roll-out schedule for IPv6 to business customers using cable modems as opposed to fiber links?

I too would appreciate this information. I do see more networks being
announced: Hopefully they will be
providing static IPv6 as well.

- David

Would somebody at Frontier FIOS who's embarassed about everyone else
dropping out IPv6 before them and would like to show up Verizon who so
totally dropped the ball on that make some kind, *any* kind, of an
announcement on even a vague potential timeline on such a roll-out
schedule too ;)?

Still waiting to be contacted about my static IP cutover here in CA.
Almost halfway through the transition year of the loaner Verizon IP
space... Anybody with a business static gone through the migration yet?
I'm planning to ask them about IPv6 then, but I'm sure I'll get the same
"we don't know anything" I got from Verizon for 4 years and from
Frontier when I asked right after the cutover <sigh>.