Static IPs

A helpful hint from a local broadband provider (I'm trying to wade through
broadband options at home):

"If your business is online, then you should have an IP address."

I do find that helps.

(in fairness, they are talking about static IPs, but it kind of fits with
the rest of their marketing which says their highest speed plans include
the advantage of "most reliable Wifi" when compared to their lower speed

Key question though: "How many ipads do you have in your business?"
(so we can plan the right bandwidth plan for you)

Hey, Hey Hey, Let's not propagate this more.
NANOG is the wrong place for this - it's not technical or problem solving
in nature nor is it community based concerns about industry resources and
legislation. It's sale-ish.
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Bob Evans

If not to solve problems or as a technical resource, what is the NANOG for?

Thank you,
- Nich

This reminds me of the marketing strategy back when I worked for a
dialup ISP. We originally sold a 240 hour dynamic dialup account and a
24/7 dialup account. Once we got a couple of good salesman, they
pointed out a problem to us: all our competitors claimed they were
selling "unlimited" dialup. Our 240 hour plan wasn't competitive with
"unlimited" dialup even though few users consumed more than 100 hours.

The owner agreed that the basic dialup was not unlimited. He also
agreed that we had to be competitive with other ISP's unlimited dialup
plans. But, rarely among owners, he agreed that it would not be honest
to call a capped dialup plan unlimited.

The solution: "unlimited attended dialup." How would we have any idea
whether the customer was sitting in front of his computer? In general,
we wouldn't. But if he was online 72 hours straight, we had a pretty
solid assumption that he wasn't there the whole time.

The salesmen had their word "unlimited" without lying or abandoning
the usage cap.


Here's your answer....It's in the charter - join a sales forum networking means technical network issues....not
marketing networking that you find in so many places on the net..

NANOG serves as a bridge between the technical staff of leading Internet
providers close to network operations, technical communities such as
standards bodies, and the academic community. NANOG has consistently
worked to maintain a high level of technical content in meetings and all
related activities. In striving to achieve these goals, all tutorials and
presentations, including BOF presentations, are reviewed in advance and
are limited to those entirely of a general technical nature, explicitly
prohibiting material that relates to any specific product or service
offerings. For similar reasons, equipment exhibits are limited to
specified special events at each meeting. - See more at:

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Bob Evans

Chill out Bob. The charter contains many guidelines, few rules.
"Minimize snark" is not one of the list rules. Or even one of the


Bill, It's my list too.

1) You are wrong for telling me what to do ?
2) Are we suppose to check with you to see how far the list can degrade ?

You want to tell me to chill - do it offline like a reasonable participant.

You should apologize.

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Bob Evans

Sorry everyone; didn't mean for this to happen.

Thank you,
- Nich Warren

Aye. It was an amusing anecdote/joke about their poor wording/pitch. I didn't see it as some sales thing....guess others are having a stressful day or got out of bed the wrong side today :confused:


If not to solve problems or as a technical resource, what is the NANOG

to tell other people how to run their networks and what they should and
should not post on the list