Statements against

Patrick Greenwell wrote:

Is this some scripture to quote? :slight_smile:

1 strike.

And.. if you let do it then every other capitalist in the world
will start doing it and then the Internet will become disfunctional, and
what will that achieve?

I think that you would find that capitalists tend towards effective market
solutions(that is in fact why most of them are capitalists.)

As can be evidenced by the very healthy US stock market in regards to tech
stocks at the moment.

Stick to the single root, stand firm on this policy and wont get

Most definitely!

Suddenly, I feel like I should be grabbing your hand and engaging in a
rousing rendition of "Kumbayah my lord."

Strike 2.

Perhaps next you might wish to stamp your feet and threaten to hold your
breath until they go away?

Strike 3. PLONK!

I swear to GOD, this list has gotten worse than alt.flame.

Patrick, you are a k00k! I'm tempted to blackhole you completely.


I recommend you add this to your .procmailrc NOW:


HAND Mr. Greenwell, nice knowing you!