Statements against

Hi Hank

In this particular case ".XXX" as "generic" suffix is probably not a good
choice - I'm sure someone would pay a lot of money for this particular
gTLD ...

I think that that was Hank's point -- the owner of the One True .xxx
will make lots of money.


> I fail to see how RFC2826 is in any way "political".Upon careful re-readin


> it boils down to:
> If you use one root, everybody agrees what things look like.
> If you use multiple roots, what people will see depends on which root they


> How is this political?

It isn't, but since these cyber-carpetbaggers have failed on the technical
end to get their way, they figure if they can turn it into a political
issue then they can involve their clueless congressman to jump in and make
all sorts of investigations and subcommittees and perhaps they will end up
with the pseudo-jackpot of a .xxx suffix in their hands.


    --Steve Bellovin, error