Statements against

and otherwise -- I (or the author) shouldn't have to go into. If each
root zone is unique (and they would have to be, else they would be
coordinated and therefore not "multiple root zones"), there is nothing
to stop one root zone from adding a {TLD,SLD} which already exists in

Agree, but who will decide who owns which unique block, if is
permitted to make money from selling .shop or whatever then I want a piece
of that, why should they own it and not me?

Where do I point my client cache to get said glue?) No matter how much
you want to distribute elements of the root zone, if conflicts must be
avoided (as they must in this case) then there has to be a final word
from somewhere to eliminate them.

Precisely the reason why should not do this off their own back and
without the "okay" from some global central body - regardless of whether
you personally agree or not with who that body is.

> This is a matter of mathematics, not politics. How to get root glue to all
> clients that need it is a technical topic. Who should be the distributor of
> that glue is a political topic. This is the crux of the matter.

So, since 2826 never states who should be the distributor, it's not
engaging the political topic in question...

Well it avoids the issue, but I think we already have a distributor, we
can change who that is but we shouldnt add another, there should be only