state of the art in router configuration

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> > scripts, and still others might use third-party commercial products
> > like Orchestream or Goldwiretech.
> and some completely generate them from an enterprise database

I wonder what the biggest backbones use? 2 out of our 3 T3 providers have
broken our connections by assigning our T3 serial interface IP to another
customer of them has done it twice. The two that have
done this are, AFAIK, the biggest providers in the continent.

Whatever they're using, it's obviously not working well and not checking
to make sure IP's about to be configured for an interface aren't already
in their IGP.

Some vendors and providors have given some thought to integrating IP address
and inventory databases into their config management as well. Much work in
this area has occurred in the VPN arena for service activation and
end-to-end provisioning but the Internet access and transit world is a
little bit more open ended and still much less seamlessly managed so there's
quite a bit of humans in the loop to coordinate all the assignments, build,
and operations. And humans do make mistakes.