Starr report - as seen from MAE East

For grins (well actually in response to pressure from our
press relations folk) I made a quick graph of MAE East
utilization for today.

The result is at: http:/

There was a jump of about 100 Mbps at 4pm Eastern time.

There was no sigificant change in traffic at MAE West.


Before I get a bunch of corrections...
the jump in traffic was at 1400 EDT (2pm).


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Net Survives Starr Supernova
4:55 pm Some sites timed out, but the Internet
didn't melt. In fact, it thrived under what may prove to be the single
greatest event in the medium's history. By Niall McKay.

Maybe folks are not as interested as the press thinks.

Or maybe a lot of us mirrored it locally. I had the report and the
President's response(s) up here around 2200 EDT the day it came out and so
far something like 10-15% of our subscriber base has hit our local copy.
Then add to that the increased use of caching these days (we run a small
caching proxy server). Seems plausible to me that the traffic increased
initially but fell off as the report got cached and mirrored locally.

The servers had to have been a bottleneck, too. The LOC and CNN servers
seemed to be doing reasonably well, but for a while the report was
unavailable at LOC while they fixed errors in the footnotes. The
Whitehouse servers/connections, which have never been stellar, seemed to
have been hammered pretty badly at one point...