Stargates (In Defense of J.F.)

Jim laments (perhaps rhetorically):

I am not sure why people on the Internet want to silence people.

Don't forget, the Roman Catholic Church burned, at the stake, thousands
of Minorites in the middle ages because the 'heretics' believed in poverty
and not in wealth. The Church thought that if people practiced the
joys of poverty, they would lose control of them.... the Emperors
also feared poverty and were afraid of any philosophy that did not
have wealth and power as the quintessential elements.

It is anti-social to speak of "other paradigms", "what the NSF did
with all their money over the years", "which government employee
now has an executive job with what network company"... etc....

It is not appropriate to speak of it anywhere, NANOG is no exception,
because of the potential explosiveness of the issues. That is why
questioning these things leads to flames. As long as everyone is
making $$$, no one cares what ethics are violated or how corrupt
the process has become. And, if you get too close to the truth,
they just award you a contract to silence you!

Please, just pipe me to /dev/null, where I belong. My love and hope
of a 'better, less commerical Internet' goes to /dev/zero as well :frowning:

Bravo Internet Minorites and Bravo Internet Franciscans !!

Lead me to the stake, for I shall die a glorious death.

Quixotically Speaking,

The Man of LaMancha

( I'll go quietly to the stake, and not disturb the Faith )

Goodbye, for I have sinned against Mother Network, and shall banish
myself from writing for a random time interval.

BTW: Before I go, how do I request the entire funding history
      of the Internet by NSF, by contractor, deliverable, and dollar amount...
      does that take The Freedom of Information Act ??

I don't see why JF needs defending. He said that IPv8 is encapsulated in
IPv4 therefore network operators should not need to know about it.

It is anti-social to speak of "other paradigms", "what the NSF did


Operations people only deal with the plumbing of the Internet, not with
what flows through the pipes or who controls the taps.

In fact, NANOG people don't even really deal with all operational issues
but only with that subset related to running the Internet core in North

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