St. Louis IX Launch

If you know someone that may be interested, we have a launch event later this week for our St. Louis IX. St. Louis is a bit different than our existing market in that we've partnered with a local non-profit that will be focusing on non-commercial Internet aspects. These sorts of things are innovation neighborhoods, IoT, healthcare, education, public safety, etc. They may (or may not) be the big volume things we're used to, but they need local, low-latency connectivity just as much.


I am curious, is the IX non-for-profit as well? The wikipedia entry for IX's
doenst indicate which IX's are non-profit. Im curious as to the prevalence
and size (as well as the relative successes) of such IX's vs for profit models
(equinix etc).


To bad such short notice...

:frowning: I am going to be out of town, would have been nice to be able to go...

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It is a partnership and I may not be the most qualified to speak on the terms of the partnership. However, the non-commercial side is not-for-profit, but the commercial side is fully commercial.

While building out our IX brand, of those that have been able to have a rational discussion about their anti-commercial IX position, almost all of them (or maybe even all of them) weren't really anti-commercial. They were just anti-800-lb-gorilla. They didn't hate the independent building out IXes in markets that maybe never had a functional IX, but surely didn't have one now. They hated Equinix, Coresite, etc. They just wanted someone that wasn't going to be a jerk to them.

We don't have any aspirations to get to Equinix size. We know we're going to small time places and that we'll only ever have small time IXes in the big picture. The building we started at in Indy only advertises something like 20 or 30 networks in the building. Now we've grown to other buildings and they aren't going to list every Tom, Dick and Harry, but it's not a 300 network market. We'll leave that to AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Megaport, etc.

Congrats to St Louis! I put in about 40 racks for Clearwire a few years
back and enjoyed the city, even if it was winter.