Spyware becomes increasingly malicious

Spyware isn't the best term for what is happening, but it is quickly
exceeding (or contributing) to all the other problems associated with
the online (not just Internet) world.

You probably need to be a paid subscriber or visit a public library
  By Lee Gomes
  Wall Street Journal, July 12 2004
  Spyware was never a good thing, but lately it has gotten a whole lot
  worse. For many people, it has become a bigger problem than spam, and
  one more reason to regret being online.

What did the future look like a year ago, Blaster had just hit and
spyware wasn't as bad? The R&E community has some interesting ideas.

  Security at Line Speed Workshop

  Terry Gray's "disconnect: security in the post-Internet era"
  identifies some of the consequences. Jim Rothfuss's "protection
  of an Open computing environment" covers some of the tools they

But scaling remains an issue. Who should control your personal computer?