Sprint's route filters and Europe


> >From my (admittedly biased) perspective, it would seem there are two
> options:
> A) The socalist approach
> B) The capitalist approach
And, generally, I would have to say that for a resource such as IP addresses
and Internet registration services, option A is certainly better suited
to the task at hand.

Why option A is "certainly better suited" ?

> Every time someone (who me?) brings up option B, we go chasing merrily
> down one or more of the following ratholes:
> 1) we need to conserve route table space, lets charge for that,
> not addresses (irrelevant)

Not irrelevant. Highly relevant, but not the right solution to that
problem either.

Why this is not "the right solution" ?

> 2) AT&T (or some other evil speculator) will buy up all the
> address space (and ISPs are just going to sit idly by?)

Depending on the situation, it might be difficult for them to do anything
effective about it. It is a real danger, and could easily occur.

Why do you think this is "a real danger, and could easily occur" ?