Sprint's filtering

This does not reconcile with my memory of the Dec 97 Airn AC meeting,
while the AC can only recommend, there was discusion of longer prefixes
and the issue was raised would ISPs relax filtering, and someone
that either worked for sprint or had worked at sprint in the past, did
indicate to the members of the AC that were present, that Sprint would
be open to talking about changing filters to reflect allocation policy.

Sane allocation policy is one of ARIN's missions, and it is completely
within the scope of ARIN to notify ISPs of the minimum prefix length
allocated. It is up to the ISP and only the ISP to set the filter

I don't like the wording of Scott's statement, but it is technicaly correct.
Filters are only part of ARIN's mission when they are related to allocation
policy, and it would be pointless for ARIN to change policy
if it was not coordinated with various ISPs that filter.