Sprint Flapping?

Anyone else seeing a large amount of flapping from Sprint today.. I have
over 7000 dampened paths from them???


I think we have a different dampening policy, but 'YES' I do see
some flapping on two different Sprint connections.

sttlic01: 39593 dampened paths
slkcic01: 36762 dampened paths

--Ben Kirkpatrick
Data Products, Electric Lightwave
-not speaking for ELI, not even speaking-
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Our NOC just got this from Sprint:

7/22/97 13:10 EDT
We are currently experiencing network-wide problems due to a hardware
failure in our sl-sea-8 router. We anticipate to have this problem fixed
shortly. In the meantime, customers will experience routing instabilities
and delays. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
Thank you.

Does anyone have a count of the flaps generated by small/mid-sized ISPs today?