Spring time fiber cuts (was Re: fiber cut 19 May/PM -> 20 May /AM)

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

  It's worth noting that just because you have a working protect
doesn't mean it isn't wdmed or muxed onto the same fiber. If it is
supposed to be a widely divergant path, latency can provide a clue,
but in the majority of cases as the customer you can't really tell if
they've given you the protect you asked for or not.


A friend runs an important netverk for Uncle Sam. They spend
[BIG $$$] every ?year? forcing this issue with Ma's Bastard Kids
and other Usual Suspects. It's a Royal PITA to do so, but they
do the deed.

(One way is contract language requiring that diversity, then
demanding actual trunk # data... and pointing out the defn of
"fraud"... In case anyone thinks otherwise, let me say you do
NOT want to commit provable fraud against Mr. Suspenders. You
can well go Up The River and I don't mean for visiting day. Not
likely you say? That depends on who you do it to, and how serious
the issue is.)

See the filed tariff doctrine.