SPID and portmaster 2 BRI.

SPID stands for Service Profile ID, and you need it in order for your BRI to
be operational. There has to be SOMEONE at your phone company that knows
what it is, unless your modem(s) support AutoSPID (which
downloads/auto-senses the information from the switch..) Anyway, one way or
the other, you need to get the SPID or the line will not work.

By the way, the convention for SPID in (most of) north america is the phone
number +0101. i.e. if your phone number is 987-654-3219, then your SPID
would be 98765432190101. I don't know if this is the same in Japan, but you
might wanna try that before you go trying to get an answer out of anyone at
your local phone company..

Hope this helps.