SPID and portmaster 2 BRI.


I am sure someone up there knows something about 5ESS and portmaster 2.
Our local teleco does not seem to know what SPID is. As far as I know
according to the livingston manual, I should set up SPID in order to
use ISDN.(well actually it is not true for switch type NTT.)
I even call the company who sold the 5ESS to the teleco, Lucent
Techonologies, Japan, they could not help us all.
According a field engineer, he has never heard of it. He looked up
the manual, he could not find SPID.

Now this bring me to ask someone in this group.

1. What SPID is called in teleco lingo?

Also SPID, you get one per B channel, depending on type of service.

2. what switch types are capable with lucent 5ESS?

What you want is ATTmulti-point. You get two SPIDs with that.

2.1 why can I find out which switch type we are really getting?

Ask your telco. Make sure you get their ISDN support folks. This is
generally a separate group.

2.3 all I know from the teleco is their telecom "machine" is called 5ESS.

It's an AT&T model 5ess switch.

Actually, Roeland is right. I didn't answer the right question.

The telephone company is the only group of people that are going to know
what hardware they're using and how it's configured.


thnx Steve,
We solved the problem. detail can be found in nanog if you are interested

thnx once again,



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