speedtest vs geo-coding IP info

Legions of NANOG:

Here's an interesting problem.

My customers are running speedtests from Ookla's speedtest.net site. The
default site is in Kansas and not in Texas where we receive our internet


1. How do I go about viewing the geo-coded data that accompanies my IP
addresses? This is obviously a database that is kept for geo-coding
purposes. The whois info for the block in question traces back to a
superblock formerly owned by PSINet, Inc and has a Washington, DC address.
I conclude that the geo-coding used by speedtest.net is not from the whois

2. If I pestered my carrier to SWIP the IP address block to me (as
they should have?) would that help me solve my problem?

3. Is there anything else I need to be thinking of that would help me
have better control of my geo-coding info? Are there third-party self sign
up/volunteer database which house geo-coding info?

Thanks in advance!


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Best resource: http://nanog.cluepon.net/index.php/GeoIP
Been down for a good long time now

This is the only copy I know of it:

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Very helpful. Another also helped me track down that Ookla uses MaxMind.com for their GeoIP data. I was able to submit a GeoIP location correction request. A guy at speedtest.net suggested that MaxMind may pay me no mind because my upstream ISP may need to submit the request. That makes perfect sense to me, but it doesn’t hurt to try I hope.

Thanks NANOG! You’re the best!


Your block should be SWIP'ed irrelevant of geolocation/Speedtest server/etc
if it's sizable.

Josh Luthman
Office: 937-552-2340
Direct: 937-552-2343
1100 Wayne St
Suite 1337
Troy, OH 45373

Agreed. If you have more than a /29, it needs to be SWIPed to you regardless. Then you have a little more authority with getting GeoIP changes made.