Spammers Skirt IP Authentication Attempts

Sure. But then, SPF is not meant to prevent all spam.


It would (if widely deployed) have a very wide effect on spam with forged senders though, and the consequent bounces to innocent third parties.

I agree bounce reduction would be a good thing. But, I'm sure I've mentioned it already, *SRS achieves same thing* without breakage.

To put it as an analogy (seems the done thing), I can use a plank of wood (SPF) to bang nails into a wall, but given the existence of hammer (SRS), the plank doesnt cut it :wink:

(and handing out planks so other people can make shelves isnt interesting).

The hype does not come from the people working on SPF, but from clueless hangers-on who apparently can't read.

Possible :wink:

Anyway, enough. The topic is indeed OT, and i'm just a net.kook.