Spammer web harvesting tool countermeasures

"Deepak Jain" <> said the following at 10/30/97 6:56 PM:

And wouldn't we, in turn, see some kind of problems arise with legitimate
search engines because of this?

If you downloaded it and looked at it, you would have noticed that it
follows search engine guidelines by adding the appropriate <META> tag to
the HTML as well as the fact, that you can also use the robots.txt file
to block it.

Of course this also breaks down if spammer robots actually follow the
rules...but how many of those do you think that there are? :wink:


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I didn't download it, but I looked at the first page. I figured that if
it relied on someone setting up robots.txt correctly, there would be a
lot of people who don't do it correctly and we'll see installations of
the thing slow down search engines w/o good controls. Auto Meta Tags would
certainly help, except the next generation web scrapers will be set to
ignore them too.