I don't know WTH is up with your large Cc: list but I've removed it to keep the conversation here, where it started. More below --

I would go a lot farther and Just Say Yes.

How many of us here got something for 'free'? Do you feel guilty selling ISP services where the mail server is running FreeBSD or Postfix? Or the name server in BIND on Linux? Should we all just stop and go home now?

Spamhaus has gotten things for free, yes. I don't have a problem with them selling it, and I don't see why you should - unless you are one of the people providing such free services. And that doesn't even consider the huge value Spamhaus adds to that free stuff they got.

Do you honestly think those providing service for Spamhaus do not know this is happening? (Careful how you answer, as I used to be authoritative for, I know a little bit about this.) If nothing else, they got the service for free! (When I ran one of the authorities, I could query it as often as I liked for $0. :slight_smile: