Spamhaus contact needed

Sorry to clutter up this list with an email issue, but hopefully someone is
here from Spamhaus that can contact me off-list. I have a customer whose IP
keeps getting listed in the CBL, and even after doing packet captures of
everything in and out of their network, I still can't find a reason for it.


I have been off the line for quite a while, but as I recollect there is no "Spamhaus contact" aside from the search engine they provide for their database.

You look-up you IP, they tell you what the problem is, you fix it, and the block goes away.

It always used to work. Every time.

When all it says is, "spam-sending trojan, malicious link, or some type of
botnet", it's not a lot to go on. I've seen examples where their lookup
tool provides more details, but in this case, the response is generic.

In fact, usually when this happens to a customer, they're able to figure
out the problem without a lot of fuss and keep it from happening again.
Sometimes we have to help them, but it's always something fairly obvious.
It's only in this one case that we're struggling to identify the cause.

Thank you to those that pointed out their email address on the FAQ page.
How I managed to read through there and miss it, I'll never know.

WAIT A MINUTE! "CBL" is not "Spamhaus", is it?!

MY BAD! Yes, it is "spamhaus".


I felt I should mention, Spamhaus was quick to respond to my email and gave
me excellent information on what was triggering the blacklisting.

WAIT A MINUTE! "CBL" is not "Spamhaus", is it?!

Yes, it is. Informally it was for a very long time via the Spamhaus
XBL. Now it's explicit.

There's not much practical difference, and the same people are running


Can you please share about it?