Spam with no purpose?

A message like this will usualy contain an html portion with an image in


that is a single pixel in size, that is white-on-white. It doesn't show


when you look at it, but it sends a request to the sender's specified
website to get the pixel, thus showing them which email accounts are


What would happen if an ISP's mail server were to collect the URLs
in emails and then retrieve the URL. Wouldn't this create a lot of
false positives for the spammer thus screwing with their business model?

And what if some scumsucking bottom feeder were to create a whole
bunch of fake email addresses pointing at the servers of ISPs who
do this. And then this evil waste-of-space no-buts were to sell that
list to spammers for a good price based on the fact that these were all
good active email addresses?

Criminals victimizing other criminals... oh what a surprise!

And what if ISPs would get together and share the IP addresses
of these 1-pixel web servers via some type of real-time feed
so that they could engage in cooperative blocking of validation
traffic? Would they be helping the spamming criminals or would
they be helping the scamming criminals or would they be good guys?