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   I have not seen is it hourly. How are you everyone. I'm relaxed and
still. Now, in Aomori.来REMASHITA finally. Tetsu and because you live in the
Hirosaki cherry blossoms in full bloom by TOMO, Ohanami also do it?
  I was invited to work with KIRASAN. But since I missed the last plane
(perspiration), soft bear that has been "let's go by train, the train" I
mean, I came by train. He was quite sudden so I眠RETA by a train. Peaceful
train journey BONBI no.

That world is still a lot of things happening. Taepodong or flying. Uproar
in Japan and in the nude for her talent. It's overwrought media. Of laughed,
"He yelled words of mystery" as a headline article. Cry for no reason and
reasoned in terms of people and a naked and drunk. Anything mysterious ...
  Hatoyama anger over her (laughs) There is important work that
IMEJIKYARAKUTA, certainly as a society should care because it was in a
position of responsibility I have. Maybe it was also like one叫BITAI Park.
It is more painful is always good young man.

The chest hurt from it, a nursing mother's 30 News was cute singer who
committed suicide at the grave of the father before you continue. This is
not someone else. Previously, only one son were hard to stop work to care
for the mother of dementia, and to kill my mother die at the Kamogawa
Kawahara行KI場Without missing a little money
There was a scandal. TSURAKATTA or how. I read the news and reported涙GUMI
and even the judge in the court ruling and compassionate decision. Cry every
time you recall it. I must be alone in the bay so far? I do not have the
time this goes to why ....

I read the end of his mistake and feel sorry that Aso is smacked in the
media and how it can look trashy, but I think gold or temporary benefits,
and it looks like the effect, I think it's kind. BARAMAI consumption to
increase by even a little money I do not think .... Rapidly entering the age
of retirement of baby boomers coming from it. Care issues
Is very concerned about.

Tetsuya Komuro and that .... I hope in my heart for everything you can think
.... Not seen in the eyes of ordinary people know it, and now that we should
not say anything because I think I'm not.

Nico JASRAC or acting like, I often I step on a land mine wrote something
... (sweat) and I think it is proper to consider the issue and the publicity
I got from Nico's motion.

In full today at the Sakura Sakura and cherry blossoms of Hirosaki Castle
from when you live by Tetsu & TOMO. I could do two times. After the live CD
or sold.物販so help me, near you, please come and see you. Cherry, great
fun, but have not seen yet. So, lie down! !

Subject: - I have not seen in Aomori

sakura are probably still out up there. could be beatiful. pretty
town. and great fish.