Spam Rats Listings

Does anyone have contact at Spamrats for de-listing larger blocks? We, an ISP, purchased a few new blocks and as general practice clean them up before allocating to customers. We generally don’t have any issues with most of the blocklists when we explain we just purchased the block and need it completely clean. However, this time around Spamrats is refusing to assist and there are 1000’s of IP’s listed. We have worked with them in the past on other purchases and it hasn’t been an issue, so I am not sure if something changed or if we just haven’t reached the right people.
These are newly transferred blocks with no active customers, so it is the ideal time to wipe them clean.

They are claiming:

  1. They won’t de-list an IP until it has an active mail server on it.
  2. They don’t de-list IP’s without a PTR.
  3. They only will accept requests to de-list for single IP’s or up to a /24 on a case by case basis and apparently this is not a fitting case. And there are dozens of /24’s with listings so that doesn’t help much anyway.
  4. They require PTR’s on the network and broadcast addresses in a block to de-list a /24.

How do the other ISP’s here generally handle this when getting new blocks? Do you just leave them for the next customer or ensure they are 100% clean before allocating?