SPAM for nanog@ senders


Have you got email from '’ immediately
after you post to nanog@? First time I thought it’s coincidence, but
today when I got it, it’s hardly one :wink:

Topic is '[#WHB-257-41491]: Re: XXXXXX’ where XXXX is subject taken
from last e-mail.

I understand there’s need to connect people in hard, COVID times,
but I doubt automated spam sender has good intentions with that regard :wink:

So.. somebody is scrapping this list to feed their spamming lists :confused:

I did yeah, annoying.

Best Regards,

Dear Łukasz, others,

Can you please send any suspecious emails (including headers) to
the mailing list admin team at

We'll try to figure out if it happens through an existing subscription.

Kind regards,

(hat: NANOG geeks)

Been happening to me since several weeks into lockdown.

It went by a different name before. Now, it's "Dating". But the chase is the same.



I already taught my SpamAssasin and then deleted them, and my
Postfix is no longer taking submission from the IP from which they
were sent -

They seem to be using correct sending host according to SPF
record (host validates using

Let me unblock them again and see if they’ll continue doing so,
hopefully I’ll be able to help.

I’m sending this email just to (hopefully) trigger the same
behavior, and will follow up with you separately.

Apologies for the noise for the rest of subscribers.

I already taught my SpamAssasin and then deleted them

* ^From:.*

Hi Randy,