Spam due to new ARIN allocation

We recently received a new ASN from ARIN - you know what that means... the sales vultures come out to play!

So far, it has resulted in spam from Cogent (which is, of course, to be expected), and now another company called "CapCon Networks" - As far as I am aware, this practice is against ARIN's Terms of Use. Is it worth reporting to ARIN, or perhaps it's worth creating a List of People To Never Do Business With™, complete with these jokers, and other vultures that engage in similar tactics?

Tim Burke

I'm not sure what you can really do to prevent it. It's the pain of having publicly available whois data which I'd argue the usefulness of, especially for ASNs, outweighs the spam potential for.

Just bin it and don't do business with them.

And yes, "CapCon Networks" also contacted me in a similar situation. You can imagine how much I want to do business with them... Name and shame, I guess.

Do it. I’d name and shame all of them.


Tim -

When you have moment, could you forward both of those Whois spam messages to ?


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers]

Done, Sir. Thanks.

Tim Burke

Oddly enough, I created a Z Org for legacy resources and got hit up on linked-in by IPv4 brokers as well as some spam from Cogent.