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So what do we do about this enterprising businessperson?


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If you have a product, service, or message that you would like to get out
to Thousands, Hundreds of Thousands, or even Millions of people, you
have several options.Traditional methods include print advertising, direct
mail, radio, and television advertising. They are all effective, but they all
have two catches: They're EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING. Not
only that, you only get ONE SHOT at making your message heard, by
the right people.

The INTERNET, the "Global Communications Frontier" has changed
this dramatically, including making countless individuals wealthy.
"Electronic Marketing," as it's commonly referred to, has effectively
leveled the playing fields of all types businesses.

AmeriNet has been in the online marketing business for over 5
years. We can help make your goals come true. We have helped
many individuals succeed in marketing their product effectively. It's
very simple to do. In fact soon you will have the problem of what
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We did a mailing of 1 1/2 million emails for one of our customers. He
was selling a home workers manual for $29.95. His results are very
typical and scary. He took in over 700 orders! 700 x $29.95 = $20,000.
This gentleman was so amazed, that after being skeptical, it had
really happened to him, he made it, he found a niche. That niche
was email! He went on to buy our full list and will be set for life in less
than six months time. All this from selling a simple manual via e.mail.

That was just one of the many success stories we hear everyday.
It may all sound to good to be true. Well, we can tell you this. It really
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Multiple files of 250,000 or greater (no codes needed to open files).
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2 Free Bulk Email Programs...Pegasus and Eudora. You will be able

to load our names into these 2 Distribution List Software's (which will
create Distribution Lists Saving you hours of work) for immediate,
around the clock launching! You can whip out as many distribution
lists as you like, and depending on the speed of your modem and
the length of your message, you will be able to send out around
10,000 to 30,000 messages per hour for free.

"Stealth Mass Mailer" Bulk Email Demo. This is the most popular

bulk emailer in the world. You can test drive it for free. This product
sends over 250,000 per hour.

Super Note Pad... This software will help manage your large text

files for you.

Winzip Self Extractor... This program will be needed when

de-compressing a compressed file. It will come in handy when
dealing with files of zip format.

Over 5,000 Places To Advertise For Free!

"Profits 2500 Series"... 7 manuals that will teach you how to market

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Also we will show you where to find web designers for free and much,
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                     How do I protect my e.mail address?

1st of all, send your e.mail with the Stealth Mass Mailer. This program will
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250,000 messages per hour (28.8 connection).

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