Spam Control Considered Harmful

Karl Denninger wrote:


> It has always been our intent to stop this kind of abuse of technology.
> Albeit, our position and motives were misunderstood, our end has always
> been clear.

I don't believe that's true Phil.


The "IEMMC", which you were involved in at AGIS, was a fraud.

While I'm willing to accept that Phil Lawlor and AGIS were misinformed
aboit "IEMMC", principly because the turnabout is more to what I believe
in, I do want to point out yet another thing that made it obvious that
the purpose of "IEMMC" could never have been accomplished even if every
person involved was properly motivated.

That is that huge mailing lists are being sold by CD, including software
than never checks any address against a database (which would take far
more time than merely sending the mail in bulk to hijacked relays).

The economy of scale simply prohibits any sort of OPT OUT look up when
an active distribution of mailing lists is taking place, and with read
only media being used for the databases, deletions just don't take place.

Anyone even thinking that an "IEMMC" could work is fooling themselves.
If it wasn't crystal clear before, it sure is now.