SPAM: Accept Credit Cards Online! (fwd)

Didnt CyberPromo said they would stop spamming until the whole database
of people that didnt want spam was ready ? Didnt they say they wold kick
people out of their little organization for not complying?

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I got one Monday from uunet relayed through earthlink, which adverstised
some LD service. The spam advised me to check their website at which is one of you-know-who's /24s. The message
was dated 5-13, but it was sent from a uunet dialup on may 26th.

So much for truth in advertising.

By the way -- Is it just me or is Earthlink becoming the premier spam
relay on the internet? I'm getting lots of crap from PSI and uunet
dialups, relayed via earthlink.


Yep and a number of us have received this one today. But then again, I
ask if anyone really believed that AGIS had any 'power' to keep Spamford
from sending out his daily dose anyway.

And if you believed Spamford when he said that CyberPromo would comply
then I'd suggest joining Fleming in discussions of stargates and galaxies
C@ and IPV8 :wink: Sorry, I couldn't resist ---