South America Peering


does anyone have any experience with peering in S. America? I am looking to move a lot of data between NewYork/LA and a few south american countries and looking for some ISPs that have reliable peering into those countries.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. The one i did find was Terremark, but no others yet.



If you want connectivity to Latin America (inc. S. America) from the US (LA & NY), then you probably want to be at NOA in Miami. That is a Terremark facility, but lots of carriers are there. Look at their carrier customer list and you will see all of the carriers connected to them in Miami:

We have a few connections which go through NOA and we have found the pricing to get high speed circuits to NY and LA from Miami to be very reasonable. Good luck with your project.


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Most people (including the facility itself) call it "NotA". :slight_smile:

Terremark runs an IX in Miami with lots of "south of the border" networks, as well as the one in São Paulo, which is probably the one you found.

Other than that, there's another IX in São Paulo just a few miles from the Terremark facility with some additional, as well as some duplicate, carriers.

Besides São Paulo, I do not know any IXes in SA with lots of good peering, but would love to be educated.

Hi Adam,

I work for a Telecom Company (AS 6057) here in Uruguay (South America). May be, the main
site you should consider if you want peering with S.A. is the NAP at Miami (wich in fact
is operated by Terremark).
There you'll find some ISP such as us, some from Argentina, some from Brazil, etc...

If you want, we may follow this thread out-NANOG list.


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