sorry to ruin several of your evenings...

While it's not exactly a problem, it does give away that you're running
bind9 (I do like the new 'version' option where you can set the
version.bind reply) even if you change the version to appear to be a bind8

"allow-query" lets you control who can see that information:

zone "bind" chaos {
        allow-query {
        } ;
        type master;
        file "filename";


Why not jus return some 'bogus' version ??? like this option allows:

version "bad-ass-bind";



If you return a bogus version, they *know* you have something to hide.
If you just disallow 'chaos' queries, they don't know for sure, especially
if you *also* disallow other queries/etc from other sites. :wink:

Hey, just return version 8.6.2, and make 'em waste their time... :slight_smile: