On 2012-04-04 17:33:


      Actually knowing Chris, and his outfit, that 18k request seems unwarranted :frowning:

      As for SORBS, they have a ticket system at which use the same username/password as You can follow up there with your ticket #, if their robot is being a bit too fascist.
      ( ecarbonel was the guy that help us in our case )

      PS: The ticketing system is not that fast, so be patient.

      /wave Chris

Hi Alain!

The 18K thing was another operator, but we have not had much luck. I will give my attention to the ticket for now and wait until something happens. Its not a crucial issue since from what I can tell its mostly a cosmetic thing (and a bit of a managerial pain to have to explain the implications to a customer).

I have no beef with SORBS, we even rsync their zone on our DNS servers so we can provide faster access to it to our customers that might use it. However recently, getting listing action seems to fall into a void.