Does anyone know of an easier way to remove IP blocks from a blacklist?
We received a /16 from ARIN in May and have been trying to get SORB's to
remove the blacklist association on these addresses. They seem to take
forever to remove the blacklist association.



If it is a whole /16 you probably bought some old dynamic IP space
that was recycled - and then reassigned it to a datacenter, probably?

SORBS does respond, eventually.

--- 06Jul05 ---
ASnum NetsNow NetsAggr NetGain % Gain Description
AS15270 311 59 252 81.0% AS-PAETEC-NET - -a division of PaeTecCommunications, Inc.

Any chance of this deaggregation mess getting cleaned up?

I've contacted sorbs on your behalf, assuming the /16 concerned is This raises a question that interests me as someone
who had to deal with recently bogon space last time I got ARIN space.

63/8 was assigned to ARIN in 1997. Much of it appears to have been
assigned to ARIN members in the late 90s and very early 2000's. How did
Paetec happen to get a /16 from 63/8 in 2005? Was this recently reclaimed
from some defunct company (which could explain the sorbs dul listing), and
Paetec just got lucky?