SORBS Insanity

Jeremy Kister wrote:

Hi Matthew,

I highly appreciate your time in replying to my emails. I further
appreciate you removing from the sorbs duhl.

One of my partners in crime sent the first email (via web-form) to sorbs on
April 6th. On april 10th, I repeated. both were addressed from I havent received anything further about these.

Most of the time we investigate them first - if the contact is from the RIR PoC we contact them immediately (as soon as we get to the ticket of course)

On april 11th i helped a friend who is using by filling out
the web-form, addressed from i received # 5799 on this. but again, this was only for that /24.

That's the one that I saw.

on april 13th at about 7pm, i sent the following email to

Ok didn't see this one - but it depends on the subject - I searched on the IP in the subject in this case.

true dynamic ranges out of the are:


Got them and fixed up the DUHL.

to prevent further hysteria, dns now shows
"". it would have been quite
simple to send an email to {abuse,ipadmin,isp-noc}
(as listed in ARIN lookup), call our support line (as listed in ARIN,
whois, and our web site), or send us a letter (as listed on our web site,
and whois information) to confirm your unfounded opinions about our
network. Next time, you should give it a try; you may not receive such
emotional emails from frustrated Systems Engineers trying to deal with
worthless projects ran by ignorant half-wits.

As you can see I was quite frustrated at the time, and may have been a bit
harsh. At that point i was dealing with the problem for 10 days -- and saw
no end in sight.

End is awlways in sight, unfortunately not fast enough for some people - there is always the option of mailing me direct - the problem is (as always) I am probably the most busiest person at SORBS and have the least time to deal with tickets - the last 48-72 hours have have left me with time to answer 3 tickets.

All done now, I'll fix up the ticket closures when I get a chance.