SORBS contact?


We have opened a number of tickets in the SORBS DUHL system to notify them of the use of a former dialup /24 for static assignments to no avail. Anyone from SORBS reading this?

Thank you,

Chris Conn

One might wonder about the quality of the mail admins that rely on SORBS....

You might try


One might also do other things that are to no avail,

one of such things is to read this and realise nothing can be done:

good luck!


For future reference: you're much more likely to elicit a useful
response by using the "mailop" list, since you'll be addressing
a mixed audience of mail system operators, DNSBL operators, software
authors, etc., all of whom are focused on mail and not network operations.


mailop list? I run a dnsbl myself (dronebl to be exact), call me dumb or
whatever, but never heard about that list.
In fact, I am also working on granting AS admins to be able to list
entries in their ranges etc, so if you are listed in whois as
administrator of an AS and you want access to listings within your
ranges, gimme a yell.

Op 23-3-2011 0:25, Rich Kulawiec schreef: