Someone (with clue) from GoDaddy, please pick up the red courtesy phone?

Hey there.

I hate that I only use NANOG for this, but it seems right now that my day job can't add an additional nameserver to our NS-set.

There's no email support or ticket system, and I've been told several untrue things about how the DNS and SRS work in text-based chat, and I Need An Adult.

Please contact me?

dmahoney - isc - org

Does that include stating that Premium DNS is required to add DS
records to parent delegations even with no GoDaddy DNS servers
involved ?


Hey Dan,

Sent you a PM on this. There is also the dns affinity group within the Nanog Community platform, which I have been given Admin rights too.

Couldn’t hurt to start posting DNS specific stuff @ in the Halls of NANOG. OARC and NANOG are solid partners, and colocate events OFTEN, so its a great place for DNS @ NANOG if you will.
I have facilitated more than a few connections to the DNS world there.