someone from verisign? website down over ipv6

Dear someone from Verisign,

It looks from over here (and some other hosts I checked) that is dead when using a host having iPv6
Some packets do come over, so the browser is not failing over into IPv4.

Also the whois server for is not working for IPv6 dual-stack
hosts. The IPv6 part of the whois server claims that he is dead and so again
failover to IPv4 is not going to happen.

Contact me off-list if necessary.

regards, Igor Ybema

extra info:
Site problem looks path mtu related. On tunneled hosts the site does not
work. On native hosts it does. Looks like something is blocking icmpv6 path
mtu requests. My tunnels are ok, so must be in the verisign network, my
guess a misconfigured firewall.

Whois server problem is also on native ipv6 hosts so this is not mtu

regards, Igor

I've been told that this is fixed now. Can you confirm?

Correct. Site is working now over a tunneled ipv6. Great work!

Still working on the whois problem.

Good luck with this.

regards, Igor