some wide-scale airline reservations issue

I'm sitting on the tarmac on AC63 from YVR to ICN which was due to take off about half an hour ago. So far they have about a quarter of the plane loaded.

The problem I am hearing is that there's a system-wide network issue with Air Canada, and other airlines as well: "apparently everybody" is the uninformed opinion here in the J class cabin. Fingers are vaguely being pointed at "Bell" and "Telus" (depending on which coast people are from). Since all computer systems are unavailable, all passengers and all bags are having to be checked by hand. They just gave up trying to allocate seats, and are about to start "open boarding". Excuse me while I hold on to my seat.

The consistent component of the ongoing rumour mill is that this is due to "some computer virus".

Anyway, irritating vague rumours aside, here's some operational content: if you're waiting for parts, spares or staff to arrive by plane from somewhere, and especially if the flight is not direct, be prepared for delays.


sobig.f is REALLY making the rounds. I think its been effective as it plays on the public awareness of "some security hole" and "needed fixes from Microsoft." As the worm says, "Hi, I am from Microsoft, you need this patch" a greater than normal amount of people are suspending their judgement and clicking on it.

Also, we are seeing the odd customer network being taken out by the nachi worm. I had one guy shut off his switch because he thought it was "broken" since all the lights were practically solid :-).... It was solid alright, with ping floods :wink:


Hmm, the ones I have seen only say "See the attached file for details," nothing about MSFT.