soliciting agenda topics for the sunday night meeting

here's the updated agenda, with two changes.

1. added steve feldman's talk.
2. added URL for golding-et-al (as provided by golding-et-al).

Remarkably detailed and well thought out proposal here, one that
raises several serious issues.

I would strongly urge anybody who is attending the vegas mtg to make
it a point to attend this session.

Just as a clarification - the "et al" in golding-et-al is pretty important.
I'm just the face man - we had a very large group of folks who put
significant effort into a proposal to improve NANOG. Please take some time
to look at the list of people involved - a great cross-section of long-time
NANOG participants, hosts, speakers and sponsors. In addition to the (long)
list of authors, input was received from at least 15 other folks.

Also, keep in mind that this was designed as a strawman, a proposal, not as
a set of bylaws. These are concepts that the authors hope to get a larger
consensus behind.


here's the updated agenda, with three changes.

1. added betty burke's presentation.
2. added adjournment.
3. added webcast/concall.

The (many) authors of the NANOG-Reform proposal would like to put out this
brief clarification to address some concerns from the community...