Software to Track IP Address Assignment


I was searching the web for software that tracked IP address assignments. While I did find a few software solutions, I figured I would ask you guys/gals and see what is being used in the Real World ™.

My ideal software package would have the following features:

Central Server where data resides
Level of permissions (read-only, read-write-local, read-write-global)
Email alerts (if a NOC technician assigns a customer a new /27, email Engineering)
Able to export/import data
Open-source or cheap :slight_smile:

Any tips/leads/suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Devon,

Granite Systems ( offers an inventory database
which is used by many telcos including Verizon, GlobalCrossing, and
many others.

Granite Systems has a module for their system which tracks IPAM, or IP
Address Management. The system allows one to assign hierarchical CIDR
networks and track these in a database, and offer clever reports, etc,

A fairly all encompassing OSS system which tracks elements such as
devices, circuits, paths, users, groups, serial numbers, ip addresses,
etc... (no active alarms or trending or such things, more of a central
database of record)

This definitely fulfills #1,2,4 of your requirements. I think it fulfills
#3 but not positive. It definitely is not open-source. Large ISPs will
find a rapid ROI, but few smaller ISPs will call the system cheap.

'tree' is a nifty program written by an intelligent person at BT, google
says this:

In past lives we used a body and remedy to accomplish this and it was
moderately succesful. Automation could definitely help, no question,
but a clever mind and some room can also accomplish it (though one would,
given the choice, like to reallocate that clever mind....)

Best of luck,


Thus spake Devon True (
on or about Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 08:22:53PM -0500:

Hello Everyone -

You might also be interested in Nets.

Nets is a network inventory and address management tool from Open System
Consultants (authors of the Radiator radius server that many of you will
already be familiar with).

If you are interested, here is the URL:

Nets is not free, but is reasonably priced, and it is a Source Code product.