Socal Frontier static IP cutover? (+OT fee bitch)

I was wondering if anybody has been contacted yet about cutting over
their static IP addresses for Frontier business FIOS? Last year my
understanding was that they were lent Verizon IP space for one year and
everyone needed to be cutover by 4/2017; here it is 5/2017 and I've
still heard nothing of it. Did they end up permanently aquiring the IP
space from Verizon? Did the cutover get pushed back? I tried calling
customer service and didn't really get an answer.

On another Frontier note, I got a paper bill recently, which was
surprising as I've been on paperless billing forever. I noticed this gem
on the bill, which is presumably why it warranted being sent physically:
"Effective May 15, 2017, a Business High Speed Internet Fee of $1.99
will be added to your bill."

Fucking sleezy telcos. It's the only industry that can get away with
basically charging you a fee for the privilege of providing you the
service you're already paying them for 8-/. Could you imagine going to
McDonalds and paying $1.99 for your happy meal + a $.50 Fast Food
Service Fee? Getting your house painted for $500 + a $75 Paintbrush
Bristle Motion Fee?

I called to ask about it and the excuse was that it's to cover
"maintainance of the network". Really? So what's the other $130 a month
I'm already paying you guys cover? Raise you prices if you got to raise
your prices to cover costs, but again, telcos are pretty much the only
industry that tags on random extra "fees" to cover basic costs of doing
business. Meh, maybe it's time to see how comparatively evil the cable
company is nowadays <sigh>.

Maybe if that $1.99 a month would actually result in IPv6 this decade...