So Philip Smith / Geoff Huston's CIDR report becomes worth a good hard look today

My point was that Randy's BGP RIB pruning knobs are missing for a
different reason than your router FIB pruning knobs. Neither the
science nor the technology exists to create Randy's BGP pruning knobs.

ahhh, you dug out the [j]tac tickets, or are you just conjecturbating?

Neither. I'm reporting the state of the science having been engrossed
in its research for the better part of a decade. Places like the IRTF
RRG. Because no science, also no tech. If you think have some magic
new algorithm that the RRG didn't consider, feel free to explain it
and I'll demonstrate a scenario for you where it fails too.

And I tip my hat to the router vendors for declining to implement
knobs which would damage the network, despite the demands of Randy

Bill Herrin