So... my colo was just bought.

By Knology.

Should I be scared?

My experiences with Knology have been fairly thin, but uniformly negative,
for at least the last 5 years. But I know that the plural of 'anecdote' is
not 'data'. That said, I'm accepting all anecdotes. :slight_smile:

-- jra

     Do you know if they'll be keeping/maintaining your colo? Or is it too early for that kind of information?


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We experianced a similar situation 5 or 6 years ago. We were in a SAS70-II colo that had great staff and an impressive track record. They were national, but not huge. When we picked them, we had two colo providers that were competing for our business. The other was the company that bought our colo. In the end, we made our decision not on price/options, but we felt the smaller company would give us better service. We were right. The new owners are enormous and corprate thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread. I can tell you they are not. Since the buyout, we have had too many account reps to count on one hand, they are never local and they never seem to care. Getting anything done inside the DC is so complicated we almost never use our remote hands. Even getting into the DC now takes 15 minutes because of all the checks we have to go through. Unfortuneatly where I am located there are only 2 colos that can provide 15kw/rack reliably, and one company owns both of them.

In the 2002-2003 time frame I worked for a company that colo'd strategic business servers in various telco facilities (big names, some that are still in business today), but these telco's had no problem with closing down the colo and giving 6 months notice to all tenants, with very little advanced notice. So this created a situation where a replacement site had to be found, space leased, equipment purchased, network bandwidth negotiated and purchased, etc. within that 6 month timeframe, or face the consequences of being essentially out of business. I can't speak for the company that is the subject of the email though, only of what has happened to me in the past.

You have to read the contract you signed. If it is still valid
("survivable" I think is the phrase?) then you have less to worry about.
If not, they can mess with you a lot.

Expect all the local guys you dealt with to be gone in 6 months.


If folks are having colo. issues please take a look at Telx.
We will be in San Diego as well.
In the meantime let's talk.



We appreciate your sponsorship but using the NANOG mailing list to
sell your colo is inappropriate.

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Yes sorry for the post, Thanks.

darn... and I was going to sublease some rack space in my sub-basement...


It's unfortunate just how true this will be.


And what I got was lots of stories about how bad "my colo just got bought
by $BIGCO" can suck. For which, thanks... but I already knew that. I had been
more interested in whether people had opinions about *the buyer*, Knology,
which might counteract my personal, but anecdotal, bad impression.

No one actually appears to have anything specifically bad to say about them,
so I guess that's good.

-- jr 'waggles finger at the people who *called* them cause of my post' a

And for the record, I've been quite happy with E-Sol; as long as Knology
plays no games with the staff, I don't expect any problems.

-- jra

It's extremely important you let the right people in Knology know that.


Wouldn't it be pretty to think The Right People just saw it? :slight_smile:

-- jra