So, Cisco?

Perhaps he was mis-spoken... I got ahold of someone internal to Cisco who
faxed me a bit more information (summarized below:)

similar to the PA-H
supports speeds up to 45Mbps
requires IOS 11.3.(3)T or later
supported on 3620 and 3640
support for 2600 "not planned"

So..either the document I received was in error, or all the "heads" aren't
talking. I think perhaps the latter is more correct, as this product isn't
listed anywhere on CCO.

"Scott A. Keoseyan" <> on 04/22/98 09:53:22 PM

RE: HSSI card for 3600 series Cisco

Just an FYI. It's listed on the Cisco Global US Price list and NOT the
Wholesale US Price list for the 3600 series. Nothing in the 2600.