snmpstat monitor ver. 1.2.e - see

I completed, as promised, the work of collecting distribution pack for
the snmpstat monitor (version 1.2.e, where 'e' means _english menu
available_). The system was tested for the FreeBSD and Solarys 2.6, but I
believe it can work fine on any Unix where CMU SNMP library can be

This pack include:
- the russion and english dicumentation;
- the installation pack (tested for the fixed /p/stat and user: monitor
group: monitor configs but theoretically allowing to use any location and
user), including snmpstatd daemon, WWW interface to the monitoring
system, LINKS data base and WWW interface for it, and (in addition)
modems_poll monitor (withouth any WARRANTIES and docs).

This (1.2) is SHAREWARE software - we ask you to contact us in case this
appear to be usefull for your market or provision work, if you are the
commercial company. I can't promise the next (with the object priorities,
snmp polling of the modems, service monitoring etc) version should be
just as free as this one, but it should not bee 100% commercial anyway.

Aleksei Roudnev, Network Operations Center, Relcom, Moscow
(+7 095) 194-19-95 (Network Operations Center Hot Line),(+7 095) 230-41-41, N 13729 (pager)
(+7 095) 196-72-12 (Support), (+7 095) 194-33-28 (Fax)